Who We Are

Gahler Financial is an independent, comprehensive financial services firm whose purpose is to help guide our client’s financial lives with time-tested wisdom which is enhanced by regular communication using advanced technology and research. With exceptional personalized service and compassion for our client’s comprehensive financial goals and needs, we strive to become our client's only and last financial advisor. 

We believe the following allows for great relationships with our clients:
     • Working via a fee-based arrangement can eliminate potential conflicts of interest and allows us to "sit
       the same side of the table" as our clients. 
     • Our independence means that we do not have affiliations with any larger investment or insurance 
       companies. This allows for unbiased advice when implementing a financial plan.
     • Making decisions based on time-tested wisdom and rather than short term decisions based on fear

       or greed help our clients stay focused on their long-term goals. Rather than only coming to us for  
       information, our clients come to us for wisdom and direction regarding their specific financial situation.

Gahler Financial specifically helps their clients with the following planning needs:
     • Retirement Planning
     • College Planning
     • Individual Investing
     • Risk Management and Insurance Analysis
     • Estate Planning 

In addition, we specifically have helped numerous physician clients with the following specialized advice:
     • Retirement and Early Exit Strategies from Medicine
     • Protection from Creditors    
     • Guidance Regarding Ancillary Income Producing Endeavors 
     • Private Own Occupation Disability Coverage
     • Practice Overhead Insurance Coverage    
     • Practice Specific Retirement Plans 
     • Practice Contract Review*    

* Kasey is not a lawyer and cannot offer legal advice.

Fee Based Planning

For many years financial advisors have been compensated on commissionable products. This has led to numerous conflicts of interest for advisors recommending products that have high commissions. The problem with these products and most of the business models that they are associated with, is that this essentially puts the client and the advisor on opposite sides of the table. The advisor needing to continue to sell new products in order to generate new commissions and the client getting biased advice leading to potential conflicts of interest.

That is why Kasey believes fee-based financial planning is the best fit for the advisor/client relationship. Each client pays a yearly fee to have unlimited access to Kasey's practice and support staff. In addition, most clients choose to have Kasey help manage their investment dollars. In this case a flat fee is charged as a percentage of assets under management. Depending on the amount of assets under management a flat yearly fee is charged. In this type of relationship each client clearly knows and understands the amount they are paying for comprehensive advice as the fee's are transparent.